About us

      Jiangsu Jujie microfibers Technology Group Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 2000, is a professional engaged in a series of superfine fiber fabrics, clothing and textile products R & D, production and sales of the enterprise group, is making microfiber fabrics "superfine polyester nylon fiber fleece fabric" FZ /T 43038-2016 is currently the industry standard the production of superfine fiber fabrics industry leading enterprises. The annual production of microfiber fabric is more than 20 million meters, and the technology content of the product occupies the leading position in the domestic segmentation industry.            

      The company has strong R & D and innovation capabilities, and has won the honor of "the national industrial brand cultivation demonstration enterprise", "China's microfiber fabric quality production base" and "Jiangsu hi tech enterprises". The R & D center of the company has been selected as the "Jiangsu provincial enterprise technology center", and the post doctoral workstation of Jiangsu province and the Suzhou superfine fiber product engineering technology research center have been established.           

      "Jujie" brand has won the "Suzhou famous brand", "Jiangsu famous brand", "Jiangsu famous brand products" and other honorary titles. Under the leadership and concern of all levels of government, the company has been developing steadily. It is the vice president of China filament weaving Association. It was awarded the "outstanding contribution award" by China Textile Federation in 2016.            

       The company pays attention to the concept of green development. It is appraised by the China Textile Federation as "the national excellent demonstration unit of energy saving and emission reduction technology application" and "the national cleaner and excellent producer of textile industry". For many years, it has gained the honor of China's filament industry's top 50 enterprises, Wujiang top 100 enterprises, Taihu new town tax payers, Social Responsibility Award enterprises and so on. In 2016, it was awarded the top ten industrial growth enterprises in Wujiang district.           

 The six subsidiaries of JJ group are:            

      Wujiang Jujie microfibers Dyeing Co. Ltd was established in 1997, the company advanced equipment imported from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other areas suitable for superfine fiber dyeing and finishing and special nap finishing equipment, products of dyeing and finishing processing, in addition to the type of woven microfiber suede, suede, peach skin, dyeing and finishing, but also the development of the domestic and international market in favor of high-grade knitting warp suede series dyeing and finishing, dyeing and finishing company annual production capacity of more than 2000 meters, superfine fiber fabrics quality has reached the international standard of similar products in the new.                    

      Wujiang Jujie microfibers apparel Co. Ltd. was founded in 2010, the company group company resources, to undertake the production of the international market more popular series of microfiber bathrobe, swimwear, sports towels, beach towel, sports clothing and textile products series, products by European and American markets welcome.            

      Wujiang jujie microfibers clean Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, has 1 purification dust-free workshop of 1000 square meters, with the Dow, Bayer, SIEMENS and other first-class enterprises, to achieve a stable water supply more than 18 megohm water system, the production of high-end clean cloth and clothing products, high quality superfine fiber, using advanced laser cutting edge technology and process control, complete, high-tech fields are widely used in electronics manufacturing, semiconductor, precision instruments, bio nanotechnology, automotive and aerospace etc..            

      Wujiang jujie microfibers Import & Export Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, the global trade in services oriented, internal marketing network at the same time, undertake the market agent import and export business, the Jujie industry chain has been very good extension and rational allocation of resources, the products are mainly exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and other countries and the company's products, the export market sales accounted for about 90% of the total.      

       In 2017, Suzhou jujie special materials Co., Ltd. was set up to develop and produce car safety airbag cloth as the new industry.    

       In 2018, the Anhui jujie microfiber Mstar Technology Ltd was currently registered.      

     "To meet the challenges and perseverance." The research and development of Jujie people committed to the field of superfine fiber, continuous exploration and innovation, to create value for customers "as the concept of" craftsmen "spirit to ensure the quality of products, with sincere service to achieve Jujie commitment to environmental protection into the concept of the value of the products, the" people-oriented green development, serve the society "as its mission, as in the past to welcome new and old friends to come to us!