Industry standard development plan was approved by Ministry of industry and Engineering

Release time: 2017-09-13

In August 7, 2017, the Ministry issued a "General Office of the Ministry of industry and information issued in 2017 on the second batch of industry standards and revision plan of the notice" (the Department of industry, the letter [2017]70), three standards organization which I would have been included in the Ministry of industry in 2017 second batch of industry standards and revision plan.

"Polyester filament coated fabric", issued by Zhejiang Sheng Fa Textile Dyeing Co., Ltd. (program number: 2017-0875T-FZ)

Jiangsu Jujie Microfibers Textile Group declared "clean clean fabric with synthetic filament yarn" (program number: 2017-0876T-FZ);

Nylon filament skin clothing fabric textile finishing Co. Ltd Wujiang Hanta declaration "(project number: 2017-0877T-FZ)

In order to fulfill the work related to the above three criteria, completed on time and durability standards, before I will be issued "about" do polyester filament fabric coated with "three industry standard setting work notice" (long fabric Co [2017]30) file, three companies responsible for the drafting of standards and strict supervision according to the specific requirements of the requirements of the Ministry of industry and the National Standardization Committee for the establishment of standards of silk, the drafting group as soon as possible, to carry out standard drafting work, ensure the quality and timely completion of standard setting task.