"Science and technology is the weapon of the country, the country relies on the strong, enterprises rely on to win, and people's lives depend on it."." The important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping made clear the important significance and important value of scientific and technological innovation. On the road of independent innovation with Chinese characteristics, textile people are never absent. They face the world technological frontier, facing the main battlefield of economic, industry oriented major demand to green development for the purpose, to science and technology leading to seek, with artisan spirit, talent priority slightly, followed by the global pace, accelerate technological innovation, to create a new blue ocean market, won the right to speak.

In 2016, a group of "China Textile Industry Federation product development award winners came into our sight, they actively explore and practice of science and innovations have set a good example for the industry, the industry Tongren worthy of reference and learning. The day before, the reporter with the research group together into the part of the winning companies visited.

Jiangsu Jujie microfibers: superfine fiber fabric leader

Jiangsu Jujie microfibers Technology Group Limited by Share Ltd since 1994 since its establishment, development and research focus on the field of superfine fiber, in more than 20 years, with the spirit of professional focus, ingenuity and unremitting efforts, in the ultra fiber textile development obtained great achievements, winning numerous, won the "2016 China textile industry Federation product development contribution award".


Group general manager Shen Song (right three) and national textile product development center product development division Liu Zhaoxiang (left three) led the research portfolio shadow

Shen Song, general manager of the group, said, "we Jie Jie company from the beginning of positioning is very clear, that is, in the field of superfine fiber fabric to achieve the ultimate. The company attaches importance to the combination of production, research and research, and signed a product development agreement with the Textile Institute of Jiangnan University, and established the superfine fiber knitting research and development center of Jiangnan University and postdoctoral workstation. The company strives to enhance its capability of independent innovation and transformation and upgrading. Only 8 of its registered utility models were registered in 2016, and 4 new and high-tech products, and 2016 of them were audited again in the year of Jiangsu. Company R & D laboratory won the Jiangsu provincial enterprise technology center, Suzhou superfine fiber engineering technology research center and other titles. The company continued to increase the input of independent innovation, has been adhering to the concept of customer value creation, casting quality with artisan spirit, the superfine fiber product development and application development breakthrough, development.


Poly micro fiber group general manager Shen Song

Shen Song said, now, our super fiber product sales each year to maintain 10%-15% growth, 80% products directly sold to the international market, 15% by other customers to the world, and become a long-term partner with Decathlon, IKEA, ZARA, H&M and the international well-known brand, the company continues to develop domestic and international market, strive for a greater share of the market. The success of poly Jie company stems from its confidence in the field of super fiber; on the other hand, it benefits from the ultimate pursuit of innovation, research and development. In 2015, the new R & D products accounted for as much as 60% of the group's annual sales; in 2016, it had broken through the 80% mark.


In order to provide customers with better quality products, the company has made a comprehensive upgrading of weaving, textile, dyeing, finishing, clothing and textile production equipment. In 2007, the acquisition of a printing and dyeing enterprises to set up their own printing and dyeing and finishing production line, and an improvement on the production line, equipment and production technology has reached the international advanced level, suede fabric produced with leather like texture, the product quality is in the leading position in the domestic industry to reach international level, and advanced level; the beginning of 2010, the company began to further extend the industrial chain, engaged in the development and production of superfine fiber clothing and textile products; in 2013, the company is looking to for more high-end, military, aerospace and other fine production need clean microfiber products field.

As an international supplier of production, Shen Song said that the international well-known brand enterprises stringent requirements for product quality, is the Jie Jie constantly practicing internal strength, enhance the competitiveness of the main driving force. "International brands have strict barriers to suppliers. They have strict requirements on whether manufacturers are law-abiding, clean, environmentally and even consistent with their annual carbon emissions targets.". The company's quality management system certification, EIA certification and human rights guarantee also need to be included in its brand assessment link, even more than the domestic environmental law, labor law and so on. Such customers often enter the higher threshold, and once you enter the list of purchases, he will naturally accept your costs and prices, and establish a relatively stable long-term good relations of cooperation." Shen Song says.


With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the use of animal leather products has been increasingly resisted. Superfine fiber products have the same visual feel and comfort as animal leather, even more than leather, and gradually replace leather products is an inevitable trend. But the superfine fiber size is thinner than a human hair, even dozens of times, especially in the textile finishing process, especially the bright colors of the color fastness is very difficult to ensure their quality requirements, for a long time, the market discourse right in the hands of similar enterprises such as Japan and South korea. Jujie company after more than 20 years of research and development efforts, after hundreds of setbacks and failures, finally overcome the technical difficulties, have unique patents and technology, developed their own special products, occupy the international high-end market.


Shen Song introduction, from 2013 to 2015, the company ultra-fine fiber dust-free cleaning cloth in the exploration period, the branch has been in a state of sustained losses, when we have only a superficial understanding of the field. Until 2016, the company developed a high-end market positioning, stable performance, high technology content of clean cleaning products, and gradually by the terminal customers, even Japan and South Korea can replace part of the product of similar competitors, with high cost and quickly occupied the domestic and international market. Shen Song said, we have done in one vigorous effort for a period of three years, to overcome the technical difficulties, and into the panel industry and semiconductor industry, to find a blue ocean market. As long as the product to do fine, the market will certainly be beyond imagination."

After more than two years of preparation, in March 28th this year, poly Jie group to complete the shareholding system transformation, the establishment of a joint-stock company, and plans to be listed within two years. "We started off with the development of microfiber products and have been focusing on this field for the time ahead. We will do everything possible to expand the application space of microfiber products."." Jujie Group Chairman Zhong Hongtian said, in the future we will try to do more in the raw materials, the chemical and physical level, through the introduction of new technologies, making the products more likely, hope in the textile field bigger article.