In June 28th, a symposium on chemical fiber fabric product development and functional chemical fiber fabrics was held in Shengze in 2017, organized by the China filament weaving Association and the people's Government of Shengze. The meeting with the functional and fashionable and healthy "as the theme, not only is the filament weaving industry product development and technical personnel from once a year together, but also a year to showcase the industry product development achievements. Industry leaders, experts and scholars, representatives of enterprises and downstream enterprises and representatives of more than 200 people a gathering of many people, to discuss the future development direction of chemical fiber fabric product development.


The meeting also won the "China fine chemical fiber fabric production base" 12 companies "on 2017 and awarding China chemical fiber fabrics famous boutique award business awards. Jujie group deputy general manager Qian Weilin on behalf of the company to receive the "China microfiber fabric boutique production base", "a kind of imitation peach skin products famous boutique Award" and "a weft suede products famous products" and other awards.


In 2014 China Textile Association and the Association awarded the first China filament weaving Jujie company "Chinese filament fine superfine fiber production base" title, then Jujie company is the only company to receive this honor, is certainly on the performance of textile and chemical fiber industry Jujie company achieved in the fields of fine superfine fiber. Over the past three years, the company adhere to independent innovation in product development, has more than 20 with independent intellectual property rights of national patents, developed a "superfine polyester nylon fiber fleece fabric" FZ/T 43038-2016 textile industry standard. This once again shows that through the review and review, China Textile Industry Association, association of China filament weaving Jujie superfine fiber group in product development and market status recognition, on behalf of the company is still in the superfine fiber segments of the leading holder, walking in the forefront of the filament industry. Item.



Every year the company will participate in several famous boutique fabric award, to help enterprises in the international market downturn, market development was more difficult, more efforts to identify the location, suitable for the development of the new normal, new development, new demand for products.