In April 28, 2017, the "Jujie" Jiangsu province famous trademark certificate and medal, awarded to our company, "Jujie" trademark was officially recognized as a famous brand in Jiangsu Province, has become one of the honors of textile industry enterprises.


My company "Jujie" brand won the "Suzhou famous brand" in 2011, 2011 - 2015 won the "Suzhou famous brand", 2013 "well-known trademarks of Suzhou city", the "Jiangsu famous brand" title, not only that "Jujie" products of excellent quality and brand value, also marks "Jujie" brand to a new level.

As an important component of intellectual property rights, trademark is not only the symbol of enterprise goods and services, but also the symbol of market reputation, occupancy, competitiveness and the whole enterprise image. In recent years, the state and the Jiangsu provincial government has strengthened the protection of famous trademarks. It is of great significance to improve the reputation of trademark owners and enhance the market competitiveness of famous trademark enterprises.

Jiangsu Jujie microfibers Technology Group Limited by Share Ltd from its founding, to the technical strength of excellent product quality and innovation, growth for the filament chemical fiber industry leading enterprises, has been accepted by the society, the company each year a number of patents and the government awards, especially in recent years with the brand strategy as the core competitiveness, to the perfect quality assurance, strong independent research and development ability and marketing ability, has a good reputation in the industry. At present, the company's "poly Jie" brand of home textiles and clothing and other products have achieved high visibility in the market, for "poly Jie" to the international brand has laid a solid foundation!