R&D strategy

      Direction: Provide high-quality and differentiated ultra-fine fiber products to create value for customers.zl.jpg

  Microfiber fabric:

  Jujie is the earliest enterprise engaged in research and development of microfiber fabrics in China. Created a complete production chain from silk to piece of fabric。

  The company's current production of microfiber products are microfiber functional fabrics, spinning suede and dust-free ultra-clean fabrics.。

  Microfiber functional fabric has strong water absorption and portability, making it the perfect choice for outdoor travel.。

  As a high-end faux leather fabric, suede first appeared in Japan in the 1990s. For example, Toray's ultrasuede and its acquired Italian company alcantara are important suppliers of high-end automotive interiors and high-end homes.。

  Through the benchmarking of outstanding Japanese and Korean companies, Jujie has also started cooperation with professional institutions, institutions and experts at the same time, and established a unique equipment configuration throughout the entire process, through continuous improvement of technology and optimization of production processes. The practice has achieved the product's change from appearance to internal quality, and has reached the international leading level.。

  Technical advantages:

  The company has 28 patents around microfiber and is the first drafter of the industry standard of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.。

  Microfiber production has three technical advantages。

  1.The fiber-opening process is at the international advanced level. The fiber-opening process is the core process of ultra-fine fiber-compatible products. Whether or not the fiber-opening process can fully determine the quality of the final product. The company has established strict production standards, accumulated production data analysis applications over the years, and formulated scientific process parameters, so that the microfibers are fully stripped during the chemical opening process to ensure that the fiber opening rate is above 99%, thus ensuring the company's fabric. Quality is at the international advanced level。

  2.Master the key core technologies that control the color fastness of your products. Since the introduction of microfiber into China, the company has independently developed key technologies to solve this problem, and formed a unique production process to ensure that the color fastness of the product has always been maintained at a relatively good level. At present, it has become a domestically produced microfiber. One of the best companies with the highest color fastness。

  3.After finishing the level of cashmere to catch up with Japan and South Korea. Finishing and napping is an important process in the production process of microfiber. The quality of the pile determines the degree of simulation, comfort and bulkiness of the product. The company has the most complete set of cashmere equipment in China. After years of repeated process practice, the unique napping method is summarized. The similar production of suede products is very similar to the real suede products, breaking the high-end superfine The market pattern of fiber products monopolized by Japanese and Korean companies。


  Jujie has never stopped moving forward and always believes that technology can change people's lives.。

  Industry chain cooperation: In addition to the dyeing and finishing process, the microfiber products have a strong technical content, and the front yarn raw materials are also the key to determining the products. The company will further explore the cooperation with the front-end spinning factory to jointly develop new types of microfibers to obtain microfiber fabrics with different sensory and functional properties.。

  Functional fabrics: With the development of the world economy, all mankind has gained great material wealth, and the movement has gradually become a necessary part of life. People yearn for hikes in the cold and polar snow, running on the windy and sunny meadows, holding their breath in the unpredictable blue caves, and even flying in the sky. It is because of these needs that people need special functional fabrics to ensure the safety and comfort of every adventure.。

  Environmental protection: There is only one earth, and sustainable development is the way for human development. We use a green and clean production model from material selection to production mode to terminal. Jujie is actively developing recycled polyester fabrics and has developed a recycled polyester eco-fab series.。