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The company is located on the banks of the Grand Canal in Suzhou Wujiang. Since its establishment in 1994, after nearly 30 years of hard work, Jujie has developed from an ordinary textile workshop to a technology group company with the mission of making softgoods bring people pleasure.

Our company has always adhered to the idea of parallelizing high-end material business development and new technology investment, and explored the perfect integration of product aesthetics and technology. We have strong research in polymer chemistry, differentiated spinning, application of bio-based degradable materials, water-based polyurethane, high-end suede and other technologies. We also believe in using more environmentally friendly and innovative materials and better industrial design to benefit the community and mankind.

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Use the spirit of "artisans" to ensure product quality, and sincere service to achieve Jujie's commitment

Six subsidiaries of Jujie Group

In December 2004, it acquired Zhixing Dyeing and Weaving, and changed it to Wujiang Jujie Microfiber Dyeing & Finishing Co., Ltd. The company introduced advanced equipment and special flocking finishing equipment suitable for microfiber dyeing finishing in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other regions. Finishing and dyeing of products, except woven microfiber suede, In addition to dyeing finishing such as fleece and jeanette, it has also developed dyeing and finishing of high-grade knitted warp and weft knitted suede series favored by domestic and foreign markets. The annual dyeing and finishing capacity of the company is more than 30 million meters, and the quality of superfine fiber fabrics is up to The latest international standard for similar products。

Wujiang Jujie Microfiber Garment Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. The company utilizes the superior resources of the group company to undertake the production of the most popular microfiber series of bathrobes, swimwear, sports towels, beach towels, sportswear and home textiles. Products and other series, the products are well received by European and American markets.。

Established in 2012, Wujiang Jujie Microfiber Cleanroom Textile Co., Ltd. has a class 1 clean and dust-free workshop of 1000 square meters. It adopts first-class enterprise technologies such as Dow, Bayer and Siemens to achieve a stable water supply of more than 18 megohms. System, the production of high-end dust-free clean cloth and clothing products,  The use of high-quality microfiber, advanced laser cutting and edge-sealing technology, complete process control, is widely used in high-tech fields such as electronics manufacturing, semiconductors, precision instruments, bio-nanotechnology, automotive and aerospace.。

Established in 2010, Wujiang Jujie Microfiber Import & Export Co., Ltd. is guided by global trade. Under the service group's internal comprehensive marketing network, it also undertakes the import and export business of the market agent, which makes the Jujie industry chain well extended and resources. Reasonable configuration, the current products are mainly exported to Europe, North America, East In countries and regions such as South Asia, the export market of company products accounts for about 90% of total sales.

In 2017, Suzhou Special Materials Co., Ltd. was established to develop and produce automotive airbag fabrics as a new development direction.

In 2019, it completed a wholly-owned acquisition of Anhui Langxi Yuanhua Textile Co., Ltd., expanding the industrial chain and production scale.·····