The 2018 Jujiejin Ideas Awards Conference was held

2024-04-25 17:04:51

On the afternoon of January 16, 2019, the 2018 Golden Idea Awards Conference was held in the training room on the fourth floor. The general manager of the group, Shen Song, presided over and held a meeting. Qian Weilin, the head of the General Manager Office, and the heads of various subsidiaries and departments attended the meeting. The awards meeting.

First of all, the General Manager has reviewed the golden ideas for continuous improvement and follow-up in 2018, and inquired about the implementation status and progress of the department heads on the spot. The responsible persons of each department also gave detailed answers, and for the excellent golden ideas of the year. Introduce the participants to the participating staff, and the responsible person of the relevant department evaluates its value.
At the meeting, Qian Zong said that the 2018 Golden Ideas event was relatively successful. The company also collected some valuable suggestions, including production management, process improvement, and safety production. There are also service improvement aspects, which have played a certain role in the long-term and lean management of the company, and have opened a good start for our golden ideas.
General Manager Shen Song said that since 2016, we have started the implementation of the rationalization proposal system, and for various reasons, the progress has been slow. In 2018, the client proposed that our company as a supplier to promote the construction of the OPEX system, which includes the implementation of the Golden Ideas activities, the implementation of this project, for the company to improve itself, improve management, promote long-term, lean management Significance. It has a great role in promoting waste elimination, improving efficiency, moving down the management center, improving the quality of employees, and building a management communication platform. However, from the reflection of last year, in the latter stage, the quantity and quality of Golden Ideas are declining. To a large extent, our propaganda is not in place, rectification is not in place, feedback is not in place, and employees lose confidence. In 2019, we asked the leaders of all levels to increase publicity, the responsible departments paid attention to improvement, and the leading departments strengthened follow-up and feedback. In the new year, we hope that our Golden Ideas activities will achieve even greater results.