Jiangsu Jujie Microfiber 1MW Photovoltaic Power System Construction Project officially launched

2024-04-25 17:05:32

On March 3, 2018, Jiangsu Jujie Microfiber Technology Group Co., Ltd. officially started the installation of the 1MW distributed roof Taiyingergy photovoltaic power station construction project.
As the country's environmental protection requirements for enterprises continue to increase, the company should also bear the corresponding social responsibilities, protect the green mountains and green waters, and build green and environmentally friendly factories, which is the foundation for the survival and development of our company. The company was built by Nantong Pengneng New Energy Power Engineering Co., Ltd. to build a rooftop solar power station project with an installed power of 1MW and an annual power generation of 1 million kWh. The company is using new energy, reducing carbon emissions, creating green production and enhancing corporate image. Major initiatives.
The company invested a lot of resources to build this power generation project, which is due to the following considerations:
First, energy conservation and emission reduction, improve the environment, and enhance corporate social image. The company realizes the comprehensive utilization of solar energy and buildings after installing photovoltaic power plants on the roof of the dyeing and finishing workshop, office building and No. 2 workshop, which not only enables the company to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, but also improves the social responsibility of the surrounding environment.
Second, reduce the energy cost of enterprises and alleviate the problem of power shortage. Our company is a high-energy-consuming enterprise, which uses photovoltaic power generation because the investment cost is relatively low, the power generation is relatively stable, and the photovoltaic power generation time is basically the same as the peak power consumption period, which really achieves the peak clipping effect and relieves the local power supply pressure to a certain extent.
Third, reduce plant energy consumption, heat insulation and cooling, improve the working environment of employees. The photovoltaic power station is built on the factory building, which has the effect of cooling down to a certain extent. It is especially obvious in summer. Under normal circumstances, the workshop can be reduced by 3-6 degrees, which will undoubtedly improve the working environment for the dyeing workshop.
Fourth, in addition to reducing electricity bills, the company will also benefit from at least 25 years. Building a photovoltaic power station on the roof is a one-time investment for us, and it is a stable income every day. After the installation of photovoltaic power generation, in addition to reducing the cost, the country can also get subsidies for photovoltaic power generation, and the excess electricity can be sold to the grid.
The construction period of the roof of this project is about 30 days, and the post-commissioning is 20 days. It is expected that it will be connected to the grid in June this year.